Five Nights At Freddy's Night 3 No Commentary

Five Nights At Freddy's Night 3 No Commentary

Night 3.

Cam7 freddy

Freddy in The Restroom.

Night 3 is the 3rd level and usually the night when things become more fast-paced and Freddy comes off stage for the first time.

This time, Phone Guy calls you telling you that most people don't last this long, and also warning you about Foxy's movements for the first time, as this is a night where he will become much more active. This is Phone Guy's second last recording.

Freddy starts to become active at around 4 am and will instantly try and make his way to the player, althrough not as tedious as Night 4 and 5. He will make his way off the stage and lurk in the shadows with the only way to see him is the glowing of his eyes. He will usually stick in one spot for a while unless you stop watching him reguarly.

Chica and Bonnie usually become active as soon as you start the level, and Foxy will eventually come out and stick his head out to the farthest way until you reach 6am.

Phone call

"Hello, hello? Hey you're doing great! Most people don’t last this long. I mean, you know, they usually move on to other things by now. I'm not implying that they died. Th-th-that’s not what I meant. Uh, anyway I better not take up too much of your time. Things start getting real tonight.

Uh... Hey, listen, I had an idea: if you happen to get caught and want to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy suit, uhh, try playing dead! You know, go limp. Then there's a chance that, uh, maybe they’ll think that you're an empty costume instead. Then again if they think you're an empty costume, they might try to... stuff a metal skeleton into you. I wonder how that would work. Yeah, never mind, scratch that. It's best just not to get caught.

Um... Ok, I'll leave you to it. See you on the flip side." ~Phone Guy