Five Nights at GoCity is a GoAnimate-based Five Nights at Freddy's fangame.


  • Caillou acts most similar to Bonnie and first appears on Night 1.
  • Dora acts most similar to Chica and first appears on Night 1.
  • Bowser Jr. acts most similar to Perry the Parrot and first appears on Night 2.
  • Dex Dogtective acts most similar to Chet the Owl from Red Fazbird's Pizzeria (an Angry Birds-based fangame) and fist appears on Night 2.
  • Oobi acts most similar to Foxy and first appears on Night 3.
  • Purple Guy acts most similar to Mario from Five Nights at Wario's and/or Grunkfuss the Clown from One Night at Flumpty's.
  • Barney acts most similar to Freddy Fazbear and first appears on Night 4.
  • Bear acts most similar to Golden Freddy and First appears on Night 4.


  1. Troublemaker's Bedroom: This is where Caillou, Dora, and Barney start off and activate in that order.
  2. Dining Room: This is where the Troublemaker's Bedroom animatronics first appear after activating.
  3. Puppet Theater: This is where Oobi starts off. Much like Pirate Cove, it needs to be checked on from now and then.
  4. Backstage: A backroom full of spare parts. Caillou and Bowser Jr. can appear here.
  5. West Hall: The hall on the left. Caillou, Bowser Jr., and Oobi enter the office this way.
  6. East Hall: The hall on the right. Dora, Dex Dogtective, and Barney enter the office this way.
  7. West Hall Corner: The end of West Hall.
  8. East Hall Corner: The end of East Hall.
  9. Supply Closet: A closet with supplies connected to West Hall that contains labled bottles, a broom, and a mop sitting in a bucket. Only Caillou appears here.
  10. Kitchen: Where the food comes from. Dora and Barney can come here.
  11. Arcade 1: Arcade machines and other games and rides are here. Dora and Dex Dogtective can appear here.
  12. Prize Counter: Contrary to expectation, there in no The Puppet equivalent. Dora and Barney can appear here.
  13. Bowser's Airship: This is where Bowser Jr. starts off.
  14. Marketropolis Market: This is where Dex Dogtective starts off.
  15. Freddy Fazbear's Pizza: This is where Purple Guy starts off.
  16. Big Blue House: The only disabled camera. It has been speculated that this is Bear's starting location.
  17. Restrooms: Where the men and women's restrooms are. Dora and Barney can appear here.